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Are your services really Free?

Yes, 100% free to you. Disney pays our vacation planners  a commission based on the vacation you book. Our services do not drive up the cost you pay, in fact you could get the same rates directly through Disney. However, our services and experience planning will save you time and money.

How will you save me time and money?

Once our authorized Disney vacation planners book your trip, we will constantly monitor all new Disney offers. If there is a better offer we will work to ensure your trip  price is adjusted. We will also work to book all of your Fast Passes, and Dinning Reservations as soon as permitted. This takes the stress, worry, and time away from you during the planning phase. Our experience navigating the parks and attractions will also save you time and money. We will help plan your day in a way to maximize how much you are able to do, and better navigate the crowds.

I like planning my own trip. Do I really need you?

In short, Yes. You can have as much or as little control as you wish. Plan your trip and let us know what you would like to do and where you like to eat, and our Disney Travel Planners will  save you time by monitoring time frames and working to make reservations at your favorite places. Believe it or not, but this alone will save you a ton of time and frustration. We are also a great resource for you to have for those just in case moments.

Can I transfer my reservation to you?

Yes. If you booked directly through Disney in the last 30 days we can easily transfer your reservations and nothing changes. You will have the same reservation number, price, etc. Contact us today to transfer.

What makes your agency different?

Our team of Disney Vacation Planners are made up of past Disney College Program participants (CPs). It is one thing to visit the different destinations and help book trips based on your experience, Our team has not only played but worked within these great properties. We have been trained on the High level of Customer Experience you have come to love about Disney and our team will provide you with that same level of service before you even make it to your destination.

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