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“It's kind of fun to do the impossible”

Walt Disney

Become a Travel Planner Specializing in Disney Destinations

Join Our Team

At CP Destinations we value your experience as a Disney College Program participant, and we understand the amazing customer service training you received. As former CPs ourselves, we also know what it is like to go home and feel disconnected from the magic. If you have asked yourself, "How do I become a travel planner specializing in Disney Travel?" We are the place for you. CP Destinations allows you to stay connected to the most magical places on Earth, while creating outstanding vacation experiences to our customers by utilizing your depth of knowledge on all things Disney. If you are known as the local "Disney Expert", and find yourself planning trips for friends and family we want to talk to you.

How can I become a Travel Planner with CP Destinations?

First and foremost we are primarily interested in partnering with fellow CPs. We are also interested in individuals with sales, marketing experience, public relations, customer service, and/or travel experience. We also are looking for people that have taken vacations to Disney properties recently.

What does a Travel Planner do?

In short, everything. First and foremost, you will get to know your customers and from there you will customize and book a Disney vacation that meets their unique needs. You will be reserving dinning, Fast Passes, and other experiences. You will provide suggestions, recommendations, and hints on how best to experience the magic. Your customers will look to you as the Disney Guru, and you will deliver outstanding customer service, and ultimately an amazing vacation experience.

What type of training will I receive?

Each Travel Planner specializing in Disney Vacations is required to complete Disney's College of Knowledge training program prior to booking any trips. From there we will provide ongoing training that focuses on marketing, customer service, and building your business.

How do I receive compensation?

As a Travel Planner Specializing in Disney Vacations, you operate as an independent contractor paid a commission based on what you sell. Commission is only paid out after our customers' trips are completed. So typically you receive payment the month following the completed trip.

Am I required to work certain hours?

As an independent travel agent, you can work as much or as little as you want. Looking for a great part time gig? Great! Have the time to go full time? Awesome! Whatever your situation, we are here to support and encourage anyway we can.

Do you have any start up fees?

No. Any agency wanting money from you is not an agency you want to partner with.

I didn't do the College Program, will you still hire me?

Depends. Our focus is on past CPs because we have a keen understanding of the level of customer service training they have received. If you believe you can demonstrate similar customer service training or already have experience as a Disney travel agent we welcome you to apply.

How do I Apply?

Please send a cover letter and resume to

Make sure to include in your cover letter information about your College Program, recent trips to any Disney property, and explain why you would be a great addition to our team. This is your chance, sell yourself.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

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