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Lauren Mackenzie

Independent Travel Planner 
Virginia Beach, VA

Lauren was raised in a Disney home. For as long as she can remember she has loved everything Disney. Lauren’s friends refer to her as the “Disney Nerd.” Every room in her home is a different Disney theme. Besides being Disney obsessed she’s a military wife and stay at home mom. 


Her husband was lucky enough to be stationed a hour away so they would go to the parks every weekend. Her love grew more and she wanted to learn about all things Disney. Exploring the parks and resorts to learn her own tips and tricks to pass on to people. She has two kids, Olivia (4) who was almost born at Disney and Camden (2). She has passed her love of Disney on to both of them. Even though the military has taken them away from Florida she still takes multiple trips a year to her favorite magical place. 


Lauren has become the go to person in her group of friends and family whenever there is a Disney question. She has a passion for helping people and loves sharing her knowledge of Disney. 

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